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Michael Darrington (BBSRC ICP led by Dr Neil Morrison, Oxitec Ltd): RNA interference for pest management.

Alice Dore (BBSRC DTP): Love thy neighbour: social and sexual accommodation in fruitfies.

Emma Gould (BBSRC iCASE led by Dr Chris Hamilton in collaboration with Dr Murree Groom of EcoSpray Ltd): Garlic polysulphides for insect control.

Stewart Leigh (NERC EnvEast DTP in collaboration with Prof Luke Alphey at the Pirbright Institute): Genetic methods for insect control.

Jessy Rouhana (Ubbo Emmius and UEA Scholarships, joint PhD with Prof Bregje Wertheim, University of Groeningen, Holland): Sex peptide as a master regulator of reproduction.